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Hyundai Heavy Delivers VLCC with Electrolysis Ballast Water Treatment System to Oman

Hyundai Heavy Industries, the world's No.1 shipbuilder, today handed over a 317,000DWT VLCC (Very Large Crude Oil Carrier) to Oman Shipping Company (OSC).

The ship, measuring 333 meters in length, 60 meters in height and 30.4 meters in depth, is the first VLCC with the new electrolysis ballast water treatment system that can treat as much as 100,000 tons of ballast water.

Ballast water is sea water used to stabilize hull balance when unloading cargo, and to maintain optimal vessel speed. The seawater can contain bacteria, local plankton, mud and sand from the unloading port where the ballast water has been taken in. As the ballast water is released, it might impact and disturb the marine ecosystem.

To handle this problem, IMO (International Maritime Organization) mandates that all new ships to be delivered from 2012 and all ships operating on the seas from 2017 must have ballast water treatment systems installed. Driven by international regulations, the market for ballast water treatment systems is predicted to grow to over $30 billion.

Besides this eco-friendly ballast water treatment system, Hyundai Heavy has also taken the lead in developing green marine technologies such as high output eco-friendly marine engines, a 3,000 ton hybrid petrol vessel, and ballast water treatment systems consisting of a filter and UV sterilizing system.





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